Is EMM’s club Finale about to bite the dust?

The lyrics “grand opening, grand closing” on Jay Z’s hit track must have the EMM Group’s full attention as the New York nightlife mavens face mounting pressure from the SLA (State Liquor Authority) and the notorious CB3 (Community Board 3) about violating it’s liquor license terms at FINALE nightclub. Located at 199 Bowery Street one floor beneath their restaurant, The General, the club has come under major scrutiny since it’s recent grand opening less than 1 year ago.

The SLA cites multiple violations dating back to February ranging from noise violations, building/health/safety code violations and transferring the license “to an unlicensed part of the building containing the licensed premises without the permission of the State Liquor Authority first obtained”.  The list of SLA permit issues along with the added pressure by Community Board 3 are sure to have the owners of EMM Group defending their operation and properties in court since proceedings to cancel/revoke the license has begun.  If their liquor license is revoked, it’s safe to assume that the celebrity hot spot may be forced to a premature grand “Finale”.

A sad tune for the EMM Group and club goers singing, “Can I get an Encore”?

For a more detailed look at the SLA violations take a look below:

finale nyc sla violation list