Another Nightclub Shooting in NYC

As the weekend approaches, yet another shooting at a NYC nightclub had grabbed the headlines. This time NYPD reports an altercation  which
took place at SOBs (Sounds of Brazil)  just after midnight during a mix-tape release show for Washington D.C. Based rapper, Fat Trel.

shooting at SOB nightclub nyc

Shooting At Sounds of Brazil Club (SOB’s) on Varick Street

Eyewitnesses report the bloody mayhem had ensued after rival gang members of the Bloods and Crips began trash talking one another during
the show.  One eyewitness said, “It was so ignorant. People started yelling at each other and then a gun got pulled.”

At that point, club patrons reported 4-5 shots were heard injuring 3 men and 1 woman as bullets struck their legs and feet.  It was unclear
if they were intended targets or if the bullets had ricocheted striking innocent people. The injured were taken to Beth Isreal Hospital and are expected to survive.

Another news source (NY Post) noted that Fat Trel himself took to Twitter after the incident to express his shock at the whole ordeal.
“The inside of my show jus got shut [shot] up in NYC!!!!” Fat Trel tweeted.  He said in a later tweet that someone “shot da whole clip at da [ground]. One ni—a got hit in da leg.”

It’s amazing more people weren’t injured as broken glass and over turned tables littered the club as the stampede for safety occurred.

At this time, NYPD is still investigating the incident and searching for a male who fled the the scene in a black late model Camaro.

More updates to come as information becomes available.