Toughest Nightclub Doors in New York City

door policy at nightclubs in new york city

If you’ve ever tried to find a way in to a swanky Manhattan nightclub, you’re no stranger to the fact that many simply won’t make it in that night. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve been one of those left standing out in the cold. Fear not, humble clubgoer—these tips will hopefully help you gain that coveted access to one of these five hot nightclubs.

1. Electric Room

This classy establishment doesn’t pull any punches—it’s likely you’ll encounter a fur coat or two, especially around this time of year. Damon and Megan, who watch the door at this esteemed locale, typically turn away 35% to 45% of prospective visitors. How to beat these odds? Know someone important.

Electric Room @ Dream Downtown: 355 W 16th St. (At 9th)

2. Le Bain

If your nightclub requirements include an indoor pool with an accompanying swimsuit vending machine, look no further—Le Bain has both, and much more. Door guys Ian and Richard are compelled to send 30% to 40% of people away to drink elsewhere, so if you want to get in, befemale (or show up with plenty of them).

Le Bain @ the Standard: 848 Washington St. (At W 13th)

3. Le Baron

You know that kind of rock n’ roll crowd that spends hours getting that just-rolled-out-of-bed look? This place has become a sort of haven for that crowd, and apparently so many of them exist that door guys Julio and Steve usually turn away 40% to 50% of potential partiers. If you want to get in, get there early and do your best to look like you just came from a secret basement concert. There’s plenty of dancing in the basement, too, if that’s your thing.

Le Baron, 32 Mulberry St. (At Mosco)

4. No. 8

This place is more than hip, it’s downright exclusive. You’ll find the trendiest of the trendy here, which might explain why door guys Disco and Charles send 60% to 80% packing. Get on the host Glenmore’s side and you just might earn VIP access. If you’re willing to get down to some 70’s and 80’s hits (not in an ironic way, either), then head here for a night you won’t soon forget.

No. 8, 357 W 16th St. (Near 9th)

5. Pink Elephant

For as classy as this place is, you won’t have a hard time getting in. Thank door guy Roddy for that, because he turns away approximately 0%. You read that right. Come on down here if you’re a non-celebrity who’s just looking to have a good time sipping champagne. Wear a nice suit, be nice, and waltz right on in.

Pink Elephant, 40 W 8th St. (At MacDougal)

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